Saturday, October 25, 2008

Week 25 and a Tailgate Party!

I know you are probably thinking what the heck do Week 25 and tailgating have to do with each other!! Well, Claire had a tailgate party yesterday at her preschool. It was really cute!
First, let's get to Week 25. I had a dr. appt. yesterday. All was great yet again! Both girls are still the exact same size, 1 lb. 11oz. and 12.7 inches long! My dr. is amzazed at how well things are going. She says it is unheard of that these two little girls are sharing equally, still!!!! She is thrilled. I am 25 weeks, but measuring 33 weeks. It is starting to get a little uncomfortable, but I need these girls to bake quit a bit longer. Here is a picture Junior took last weekend of Claire and me:

Now to the Tailgate party! Claire's preschool had a tailgate party yesterday in lieu of celebrating Halloween. All the kids were supposed to dress up in their favorite sports attire (ok, their Dad's favorite sports attire!) Claire finally got to wear her Dallas Cowboys cheerleading outfit that she has had since before she was even born (thank you Mamaw and Pop). She was really excited about the party even though she thought it was a birthday party!

Claire and her teacher, Miss Randee! Claire LOVES Miss Randee!!

Playing with the parachute.

The party starts. Claire was more interested in Mimi, Daddy and me being there!

Claire does she cheerleader pose. Notice the bracelet! Every good cheerleader needs a purple bracelet!

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aunt sue said...

Oh how previous is the picture of you and Claire!!!! And, you are rather large - - tee hee!! The cheerleading outfit and the "C" wearing it are darling. I am so glad that you continue to have such good results at your doctor visits. Keep up the good work. It must be the Pumpkin Spice Coffeemate! Love you, Aunt Sue