Monday, April 20, 2009

3 months old



Today the twins are 3 months old! I can't believe how time flies! They are sleeping in their own room, talking lots and smiling ALL the time! They are really good babies! We are truly blessed !

Thursday, April 16, 2009


We celebrated Easter this year at home, church and at Mimi and Papa's house. Claire was super excited about the Easter bunny coming to visit. We made cupcakes for him to snack on. Easter morning was really cute. Claire's basket was full of things she loves, including a princess watch (she spotted in Walmart). She showed both her sisters their baskets as well. So cute! Then we were off to church. The weather was not great, but it did stop raining long enough for us to get into and out of church. After the service we had a butterfly release. Claire had never done this before and I don't think she was too much of a fan. Note the pictures! After church we went to Mimi and Papa's house for an excellent lunch of beef tenderloin. YUMMY!
All in all, the twins first Easter was really fun! We hope everyone had a blessed Easter!

Monday, April 6, 2009

First trip to Henrietta

I ventured to Henrietta for the first time with all three girls, by myself mind you, this weekend! It was a huge success. It literally took me three days to pack, and I think I only forget a few minor things! (I now have a running "what to pack list" on my computer. Genius huh?) The girls visited HHS, Davis Funeral Home, FUMC (twice: Jr. Delphian tea and church on Sunday), As Good As it Gets, Rolling Meadows, and good ole'Sikes Center Mall! We had lots of vistiors while we were home! It was so good to see all our friends so they could meet Allison and Brooke. (Sandy, I know you are reading this, it was so nice to see you and get even more tips from a grandmother of twins!)

It was also palm Sunday at church. It is custom for the youngest baby in the church to lead the palm parade, so Brooke and Allison did that duty! (Technically Brooke led because she was born one minute later than Alli). Mawmaw and Pop carried the girls and Claire walked in between. I must say I was a proud mother and I am pretty sure my parents were even more proud than me!

I love going home! Claire loves going to Henrietta! Now, Allison and Brooke love going too! I can't wait to go back to Clay County.

Brooke leading the palm parade

Mawmaw, Brooke, Pop, Allison, and Claire making their way through the palm procession!

Proud Grandparents!