Monday, March 30, 2009

2 months old already!

The girls had their 2 month well check last Friday as well as their first round of shots (boo)! They are both right on track and growing ever so quickly! Both are starting to smile and make the cutest noises ever! I love hearing them try to talk. Here are the new stats!

Allison: 9.15 pounds 21.5 inches
Brooke: 9.7 pounds 21.25 inches

Their doctor has put both of them on reflux medicine. Brooke seems to have a harder time with reflux than Allison, but both are now taking Zantac to help. They both also have to have a VCUG and renal ultrasound done within the next two months. These are two tests to see if they have unrinary reflux. THis is a herditary condition that runs in our family (Claire has it, as well as Audrey (my niece), and my cousins two girls, Maddie and Meredith, both have it too!) It is not a fun thing to have done, but very necessary. If they do have urinary reflux they will have to take antibiotics until the condition goes away.

Anyway, we are all doing great and sleeping quiet a bit! Today was my first day to go to a mom's group at church. All three girls went with me and went to the nursery. This was a first for Brooke and Allison! They did great, slept the whole time! What a blessing for the girls and ME to get out and meet some more moms! There were 4 sets of twins in Allison and Brooke's room! Isn't that crazy! Twins everywhere I look!

Happy 2 months Alli and Brooke!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Claire's 3rd birthday

Claire's 3rd birthday was Sunday March 15th. We had 38 people at our house (did I mention we have a really small house). We were supposed to have the party in our backyard but mother nature had a different plan for us. Instead we busted out the bubbles, Ring Pops, and sidewalk chalk. My parents brought their bounce house, yes they own one, and it was dry enough in one stop of our front yard to set it up. The kids had a blast! Happy Birthday Claire Bear!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Who needs pants?

I just had to post these pictures. This weekend Junior spent most of his time in the yard in preparation for Claire's 3rd birhtday party next weekend. We are having her party at our house, keeping our fingers crossed for good weather. He mowed, weed eated, fertilized, repaired the fence, and finally planted flowers that he picked out for her. Well, when she saw him out in the yard with the purple flowers, that was it. She had to go help. For those of you who know Claire, you know she changes outfits AT LEAST 3 times a day and usually it invovles a princess dress. Well today it was a cute little shirt that would have looked adorable with jean capris, but instead she chose Tinkerbell panties and flip flop. No pants needed!!! But how cute are they!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

First visit to Grace Avenue

Sunday we woke up bright and early (not on our own will of course) and decided it was time to take the twins to church. We go to Grace Avenue United Methodist and we absolutely love it! This is where Claire was baptized when she was about 8 months old. We will also have Allison and Brooke baptized here as well, when I am not sure yet!

In the Methodist faith, the first Sunday of every month is communion Sunday. So, of course we were prepared for this. Junior and I had decided we would just take turns going to the front to receive communion. Well, we didn't plan on it being conformation Sunday as well! There were 27 confirmands during our service. Needless to say Junior and I were nervous that the girls would wake up screaming during this special service. The twins proved us wrong and did wonderful through the entire hour and half service!

Daddy and his girls on the back row!!

Getting ready to leave for church

Still snoozing away at the end of the service!