Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Week 26

It has been a good week until today. We have had minor set back. My dr. called today with the results of my glucose test that was conducted on Friday. My sugar level was high, so I have to go back to the dr. on Thurs. for the longer glucose screen (3 hours of no eating, drinking or walking!!!). As my grandfather used to say, " I rather be sitting in the pasture with my butt hurtin'"! I think I am more upset that I have to take yet another day off work. That leaves me with a whole 9 days of maternity leave! Nice huh! I tell ya, teachers get all the perks, yea right!
Junior is a camp with his 5th graders, so I am bummed about that as well. It has been a crappy day all the way around. (I did do my civic duty today, I voted)! I think I will just go to bed!

Happy week 26 Allison and Brooke!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Week 25 and a Tailgate Party!

I know you are probably thinking what the heck do Week 25 and tailgating have to do with each other!! Well, Claire had a tailgate party yesterday at her preschool. It was really cute!
First, let's get to Week 25. I had a dr. appt. yesterday. All was great yet again! Both girls are still the exact same size, 1 lb. 11oz. and 12.7 inches long! My dr. is amzazed at how well things are going. She says it is unheard of that these two little girls are sharing equally, still!!!! She is thrilled. I am 25 weeks, but measuring 33 weeks. It is starting to get a little uncomfortable, but I need these girls to bake quit a bit longer. Here is a picture Junior took last weekend of Claire and me:

Now to the Tailgate party! Claire's preschool had a tailgate party yesterday in lieu of celebrating Halloween. All the kids were supposed to dress up in their favorite sports attire (ok, their Dad's favorite sports attire!) Claire finally got to wear her Dallas Cowboys cheerleading outfit that she has had since before she was even born (thank you Mamaw and Pop). She was really excited about the party even though she thought it was a birthday party!

Claire and her teacher, Miss Randee! Claire LOVES Miss Randee!!

Playing with the parachute.

The party starts. Claire was more interested in Mimi, Daddy and me being there!

Claire does she cheerleader pose. Notice the bracelet! Every good cheerleader needs a purple bracelet!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Adam Crockett and Luke William

I didn't know if I should post this or not, but since I have been home all day sick it has been on my mind nonstop.

I have reached a milestone in my pregnancy. I am 25 weeks today. This is a milestone for me because my sister delivered her precious baby boy twins at 25 weeks. Unfortunately, Adam and Luke are not with us here on Earth, but in Heaven. I believe they are watching over my twin girls, Allison and Brooke. They are making sure that Alli and Brooke are going to be healthy girls and get here safe. I am sad today as well. It is emotional for me to write about this topic. I don't normally post about such serious topics.

For those of you who don't know my sister, I wish you did. She is the most brave, inspirational, determined person I know. Really words can not express how I feel about her. She has taught me so much about life, being a wife, and most of all being a good mother. She has 2 beautiful children now and 2 that are waiting on her in heaven. I love you Jennifer and thank you for teaching me so much about motherhood.

God Bless Adam, Luke, Allison, Brooke, Marshall, Claire and precious little Audrey!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Week 23 & 24

Last week was week 23 and this week is week 24. I decided to combine the two posts since I am lagging a bit. Things are going well. The girls are now the size of corn on the cob. Crazy huh! Just think, 2 ears of corn popping around in my belly!

Yesterday, Junior's school hosted a baby shower for us. It was sooooo nice. We got lots of nice things for the girls, the best of which was 40 packages of diapers! Yes, I said 40 packages! There are various sizes so that will help us out a ton! Another cute present we got was two bibs that say, "If you think I'm cute, you should see my twin"!

Here are some pictures of the festivities:

Friday, October 10, 2008

Great Dr. Report

I just got back for Dr. Jacobs office and she called me boring, which I personally think is wonderful! Both girls weigh 1 lb. 4 oz and Allison is 10.9 in. long while Brooke measures in at 11.1 in. long! Both girls are right on target with all their measurements! I have gained a little weight (not telling the real number) but my dr. thinks it is an ok amount. The really cool thing that happened this time was that while Becky (the sonogram tech.) was measuring Allison (she alwsy gets to go first) her head was right next to Brooke's. Both heads were right under my left boob! HA! They looked so sweet and snuggly! Then all the sudden Allison flipped and her head was back downstairs where it usally is!
All in all things couldn't be better! I go back in 2 weeks for my gluscose test and another sono. More info. then!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Week 22

Bring on the grapes and coffee!!! I can't get enough of either of these, usually I don't eat them at the same time, but now that I think about it......AND, just FYI the coffee is either decaf. or half caf. I have to have the pumpkin pie spice in the coffee as well! It is soooooo yummy! This coffee addiction is weird because when I was pregnant with Claire I couldn't stand coffee! Totally different story this time!

Junior finally felt the girls this past week as well! That was really exciting for us! They are really moving around now. I can't wait to go to the dr. on Friday! I will update more then!

Happy week 22 Allison and Brooke!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Twins Sale!!

WOW!!! This morning the North Dallas Mother of Twins Club had a sale in Richardson at the civic center. It was one of the wildest things we have ever experienced! There were soooo many people there and the room was not big enough! It proved to be a succes for us though. We found 2 matching car seats, 2 really cute bedding sets, and a custom made moses basket! BUT the best part is now I am an official member of the club! It sounds like they will be a great support group for us. (It also got us into the sale earlier than we expected!) They have monthly meetings, family social activities, play groups and much more! I am excited to be a member of something twinish!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Week 21

Mommy, Allison, Brooke, Claire at Oktoberfest! (Junkior cut my head off a bit)!

Claire holding a buuny rabbit at the petting zoo during Oktoberfest!

Claire holding a baby pig!

Daddy and Claire

Claire doing the Hokie Pokie at Babe's

This past week I have been full of energy, which is great! I am so happy I feel so good. The other day I didn't even want to stop for lunch break-and that is so not normal!!! One thing that is driving me crazy is the pregnant brain! I will be in mid sentence and forget a word! I couldn't remember the name of Stars Wars the other day! HELLO!!!!

The girls are now the size of spaghetti squash (per my weekly email). They have also started to form teeth buds. I thought that was really neat! They weigh approx. 1 pound now.

Claire has been busy this past week as well. Of course she went to school all week and then over the weekend we went to McKinney's Oktoberfest! I couldn't stand the smells (hot stall beer), but Claire and Junior had a ball! Then on Sunday Mamaw and Pop came for a quick visit. We ate at Babe's Chicken and Claire was the only kid to get up and do the Hokie Pokie! She thought she was really cool! While Mamaw and Pop were around, we put them to work. The little girls room is now move in ready. We don't have eveyrthing we need yet, but we do have a crib, a changing table, a few clothes and some diapers!

Happy Week 21 Allison and Brooke!