Sunday, November 30, 2008


We had a great Thanksgiving in Henrietta. Claire had a great time playing with her cousins and looking at all the Christmas lights. She also got to talk to Santa. She ran right up to him and said, "I want a Cinderella computer!" She wasn't scared at all!
We hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Week 30

Can you believe it! Only 8 more weeks to go! (that is if all goes well, Junior thinks 6 weeks max. we'll see!) This week Brooke has been really active. Especially around the wee hours of the morning, like 4am! I was awake very early for several days. In fact last Sat. I was at Walmart by 5:45 Christmas shopping! UGH! My dr. told me to take Tylenol PM to sleep, so I took her advise and now I sleep much better!

Junior and I pampered ourselves yesterday. We had a "parents to be" massage/lunch together. It was the BEST! I actually got to lay on my stomach for a bit! I know it sounds weird, but the spa had this amazing pillow that made me feel like i wasn't pregnant!

We are preparing to go to my parents for a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration. We will also celebrate my mother's BIG birthday! I won't say how old she is, but let's just say it has a "0" at the end. In our family, BIG birthdays consist of numbers ending in "0" and "5"! This is probably the last time we will travel to Henrietta as a family of 3! Next time we go we will be a happy family of 5! WOW!

Happy Week 30 Allison and Brooke!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Week 29

After going to the dr. today, all is still GREAT!

Here are the newest measurements:
Allison: 2lbs. 14 oz. 15.2 inches long
Brooke: 2lbs. 10 oz. 14.9 inches long

This is the first time they didn't weigh exactly the same which is totally normal. My dr. said she was starting to think I was super woman at growing twins! One other thing that was different is the both girls are now head down. Brooke has always been breech and head up. Today they were snuggling head to head. We couldn't get a good picture of Brooke's face because she is facing my back, but we got great shots of Allison's face. So stinkin' sweet!
I am clear to travel to my parent's house for Thanksgiving as well. As long as I relax I should be fine! I am so THANKFUL!

Happy Week 29 Allison and Brooke!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pink Shower

I know I am having 2 girls, but the school where I teach is named Pink (fitting for a woman pregnant with twin girls!) Hence the name of this post!

Yesterday my team mates hosted a wondeful shower/happy hour for those who could partake. I got many wonderful gifts including numerous gift cards! I was shocked at how many people came and brought gifts. I told my friends not to worry about getting me anything since this was my second baby (oh and thrid!)

Thank you so much Allison, Niki, Tracye and Kia! (these are the girls on my team that I am going to miss enormously). Working at Pink has been such a bright spot in my career. Not only do I love the kids, but I truly love all the people that I work with. It is SUCH a good feeling to wake up in the morning and look forward to getting to work.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

week 28

I went to the dr. on Friday. Everything is still great! I am measuring 36 weeks (almost as big as a full term pregnancy). I have to take an iron supplement 3 times a day. I had to take iron with Claire as well, but not this much! I hope all goes well that (if you know what I mean). I went to the store this morning and bought LOTS of items with extra fiber!!! My blood pressure was great! 100/60. With Claire, that is why I was put on bedrest. My BP was really high, so hopefully this time that will not happen! Actually I only have 2 weeks left to work, but i think I am going to work longer. My FMLA leave starts as early as Dec. 1st ( I have the whole week of Thanksgiving off YIPPEE), but I can't imagine being at home doing nothing all the way through December! My new goal is to make it to my Christmas break which starts around the 20th!
The only bad news was last week I had a stomach bug on Tuesday night. I spent the night throwing up while waiting to hear that Barack Obama had become the new president! So now I am down to 7 days maternity leave! Can you believe that!
Happy week 28 girls!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Quadruple Halloween for Claire

Yes, Claire celebrated Halloween 4 different times! Mimi took her to the fire station the Friday before, we had "Trunk or Treating" at church on Sunday, we went with Sam (aka Lovebug) and Laura the real Halloween night, and then we went to Mamaw and Pop's on Sat. Needless to say Claire was on a complete sugar high by the end of the weekend, so much in fact that she got in tgrouble for the first time at Primrose on Monday!!! She had to sit in time out for not listening and not following directions!!! I was so sad, but I knew it was coming!

Here are a few pictures from Claire's Halloween extravaganza!

Trick or Teating with Mamaw and Pop

At the next door neighbors house in Henrietta

ALL the candy at Pop's house (if you are ever in Henrietta for Halloween, you want to go my parent's neighborhood FOR SURE!!!)

With Mimi at a house in our neighborhood.

The fairy and lovebug ride in the wagon!

"the lovebug" Sam and "the fairy" Claire!

The sassy fairy

Trunk or treating at our church.

At the pumpkin patch! Claire didn't like walking through all the hay. It got in her sparkle shoes! Oh My!!!

Claire the fairy!

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I had to include this picture of my friend Kelley's little girl Brynn. She was Dolly Parton for Halloween! Brynn has been obsessed with boobs for years (she is in 3rd grade)! Kelley finally let her be Dolly this year!!!! Brynn LOVED it!

Week 27

We are now into week 27 and I feel great! I am a bit tired, but who isn't!!! My weekly email says that the girls are the size of the head of a cauliflower! They are opening and closing their eyes and can even have the hiccups. In fact, I think Allison had the hiccups earlier today. (Claire had the hiccups everyday towards the end of my pregnancy with her). I could feel a steady little rythm way down deep. Allison's head is down and Brooke's head is up, so that is how I know it was Allison.
Junior and I have started to really think about middle names. Any suggestions are welcome!
Happy week 27 girls!

quick update

My dr. called yesterday around 4:00 and good news............NO gestational diabetes!!! I am so glad, especially since the holidays are right around the corner!
BTW Aunt Sue, I found it in the large size yesterday!!!! YUM-O!