Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Week 20 We have NAMES!!

Brooke and Allison are the official first names! Middle names are still under negotiation! I love being able to actually call them by name now! Claire can say both names really well too!

Week 20 was a great week! This past weekend, we went to Henrietta for Pioneer Reunion! Jennifer and her family were all there and the kids all had a blast together! Claire and Audrey are just too cute together! Marshall has really grown up too!

One really cool thing that happened this weekend was while sitting at the dining table at my parent's house, I felt one of the girls kick really hard! We were all sitting around the table talking. The kids were all running around playing. Then out of nowhere, I thought Claire tapped me on tummy. Well, when I looked downed to say "Careful" (like I a do a thousand times a day) Claire was nowhere to be found! It was a kick that even made me jump! After I realized what had happened I was amazed! It was like the girls thought, "OK I think our mommy really needs to start feeling us now!! Let's see how hard we can kick her!" Let me tell ya, I feel them a lot now (especially at school)!

We also celebrated my dad's 65 b-day! Happy Birthday Pop!

Claire, Audrey, Marshall and Pop!

Claire WILL NOT let me take her picture. When she sees the camera she looks the other way. BUT, I had to get this pose. She has started to sit like this all time. I think it is so cute!

Jill, Audrey, Mamaw and Claire

Claire's favorite float in the Pioneer Reunion Parade. She LOVES Cinderella. In fact she sleeps with a Cinderella book every night!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Week 19

We now have a true due date! My c-section is scheduled for January 20th! I will be exactly 38 weeks that day! Heopfully I will be able to carry these 2 little girls that long.

I am really feeling the girls move around now. I can't really tell which one is which yet. I think when I feel movement way down low, that is Baby A. All other movement is Baby B, I guess!

Not much more news this week. Friday's Dr. post was the "biggest" news. Keep us all in your prayers!

Have a great week baby girls!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dr. Update

I went to the dr. yesterday and things couldn't be better! Once again the girls are measuring the exact same size. Dr. Jacobs says that is so not normal, yet so incredibly great! Both girls are 10 oz. and 8 inches long! They are even bigger than my weekly update email through babycenter, which is just for one baby! I am 19 weeks and 3 days along and the girls are measuring that exact size! Now, although the girls are right on schedule, their mom is measuring 27 weeks!!!! YIKES Dr. Jacobs also says this is normal due to having twins! When I thought about each girl measuring 8 inches long, when you put that together, that is 16 inches long. Claire was 19.5 inches long when she was born! WOW! Another piece of good news is that I was supposed to start going in every 2 weeks after yesterday's visit. Dr. Jacobs said I was doing so well that she didn't want to see me again for 4 weeks! I am so thankful everything is going this well!

During the sonogram, Baby A kept kicking Baby B in head! It was sad, yet funny at the same time!!! I asked the dr. if that was ok and she said of course! That is just what happens when there are 2 babies in there!

We picked up the new dresser/changing table last night as well! It looks great in the new room. Now, I just need to start putting clothes, socks, sheets, towels, blankets, etc. in the drawers! I guess today will be a good day since we are starting to feel the effects form Hurricane Ike (nothing like Galveston and Houston, BTW keep my cousin Brian in your thoughts. He lives in Galveston, but is safe at his work in Houston). It is rainy and yucky outside! No fun for a Saturday!

Just FYI on the name situation: I have decided their names will be Brooke and Allison. Junior on the other hand is still up in the air. He is afraid he might find something he likes better! We'll see............Keep the suggestions coming!

Unitl next time............Be safe!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Week 18

Let's see..... where has this week taken us............Oh yeah...........HEARTBURN!!!! Yes, heartburn has begun. I had it horribly with Claire. They say if you have heartburn your baby will have lots of hair. This held true with Claire. I guess these 2 little girls are on their way to long beautiful brown locks just like their big sister (I'm sure they won't have blonde hair, but maybe one will have blue eyes. I'm keeping my fingers crossed).

Today's email read that the girls should be about 8 oz. each and 6 inches long, now the size of a large heirloom tomato. The email also said their hair is starting to form, hence the heartburn.

I go to the dr. on Friday afternoon for another sonogram and check up. I will post after the appointment.

Also soon to come............NAMES!!! Any suggestions?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Week 17

The babies are now the size of a bell pepper! Supposedly they are 5 1/2 inches long and 7 oz. each. Their ears are in place and so are their girlie parts (which we already knew). Their veins are visible through their skin.

THis weekend we purchased our first "twins stuff". We bought a changing table, a new diaper bag, a new thermometer, and 2 wedges for the girls to sleep on! It was a bit overwhelming looking at all this babystuff, there is really not that many twin items out there! Everyone we talked to at Babies R Us said, " You have to go online for a better selection of twin items!" Well, I really don't want to shop online for things. I am the kind of person that likes to see what I am getting before I jump off and buy it!

More to come next week!

Happy 17th week girls!