Friday, January 16, 2009

A typical night with Claire

Claire is at such a fun age! She has developed such a personality and is so funny! The other night after her bath she wanted to dress up in her princess costume. So, of course we said ok. She comes walking into the living room with her pj's on, the costume over the pj's, a crown on her head, her dress up high heels, and of course her purse (she goes no where without her purse). She takes out a little card from her purse and says, "Mom I have a gift card to Target. Goin shopping, BYE!" We laughed at her so hard.

Really! How cute is she!!!

Here is her Target gift card! Too cute!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

more of week 37

Sorry I was so short last time, but I was TIRED! Then of course I slept awful and have been up since 4 this morning (I didn't have my Tylenol PM, refered to later in the post). I did take a nap for bit, so I am a little refreshed now. More about the dr. visit.....

I already posted the girls stats, so there is not much more on that. My sweet mother in law took me to the dr. yesterday so she was there to experience my final sonogram. She also got a good look at my belly!! WHOA!!! The sonogram went well, it was just really hard to make anything out this time because the girls are so big. It was very special to have Brenda there with me anyhow!

My belly measures 43 weeks and I have gained 50 pounds. I gained 50 pounds with Claire (because I ate anything and everything sweet I could get my hands on) so I feel pretty good about that. My dr. thinks it is great as well.

I know this may sounds kind of weird, but I am truly going to miss seeing my dr. and her nurse Valerie every week. I know I always have to wait hours to see them, but then once I get back to the room I am truly treated like a queen. Valerie nevers make me go straight into a room, she always let me wait in the BP room and we talk. I feel like she is one of my friends now. I know all about her and her family, Valerie is a twin by the way! She is even going to come see me when the girls arrive.

Here are some interesting facts about the past nine months:

June: We found out we were pregnant and then on the 19th we found out we were having TWINS! What shock!
Junior also had surgery on his achilles tendon. He was in a cast for a LONG time!

July: I had my 15 year class reunion and felt like I was going to through up all month. I never did though! We also took a quick vacation to Galveston. It was not our favorite vacation (not becasue of the company, but because of the ailments that trailed us). Junior still had his cast on and was completely uncomfortable at the beach. Do you blame him? I also started having heart palpatations. Come to find out, those are very normal while carrying twins. I had to wear a heart monitor for a few days!

August: Junior and I both turned 33 and started another school year. junior started his new job as principal of Christie Elementary, so proud of him! Claire also started school this month! It was a BIG deal for her and she loves it!

September: We found out we were having 2 little GIRLS!!!
I am pretty sure I had a cold/cough/sore throat and had to take antibiotics this month. this is something that happens to me every year! We also went to Henrietta for Pioneer Reunion and to celebrate my dad's 65th birthday.

October: I can't remember anything too spectacular that happened this month. I know I looked like a pumpkin at this time!

November: We traveled to Henrietta for the last time as a family of 3! We spent Thanksgiving there with my family. What a great visit.

December: Another cold/cough/sore throat episode and more antibiotics. I went on bedrest December 5th. Heartburn became my worst nightmare (I have been through 2 bottles of Tums and almost 1 bottle of Pepcid!) My best friend however throughout this month has become Tylenol PM (my dr. said to take it, so I trust her and thank God it works). I have been through 2 1/2 bottles of the PM!!!
We spent Christmas break with Junior's family in Allen. I was hoping to get through the break without any signs of labor. My dr. was in Hawaii for 10 days! I did it!!!

January: WE MADE IT!!! I have been on bedrest and trying to take it easy all month. I am all packed and ready for Allison and Brooke to make their entrance into the world!

Well, that wraps up the past nine months in a nutshell. I feel like I have been pregnant for years and now it is truly coming to an end. I am NOT sad!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Week 37 quick update....tired

Hi there! I know a lot of you are wondering about my dr. visit today. i am going to be very brief b/c I just got home and I am really tired. New stats:
Allison: 6.1 lbs 18.7 inches
Brooke: 5.10 lbs 18.5 inches
That equals 11.11 lbs and 37 inches of baby all wrapped up inside me! UGH, no double UGH!

I am dialated to between a 1 1/2 and a 2. Dr. Jacobs says it could be any time now, but if not, definitely Tuesday morning by 8 a.m.
Will write tomorrow. I am off the rest!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Week 36

I went to the dr. yesterday and everything is still good. I am still dialated to a one barely! I had my non stress test done yesterday too. The girls heart beats were great. It was cool to see how they would both be exactly the same for a little while! I also pre-registered to the hospital, so if I should go into labor anytime soon (yeah right) I don't have to worry about any paperwork! Good thing!!! My dr. still says that I am the most boring pregnant with twins lady she has ever had! I take that as a compliment for sure!! So since she said I was doing so well, I treated myself to lunch at Neimans after my appt. Those pop-overs are to die for!!!

I have all the girls clothes ready for the hospital. They each have six outfits and six pairs of sock ready to go (I know it sounds like a lot, but don't we need choices???). I have been washing all my things this morning so that I will be ready as well! I have a new robe, a new really pretty pair of PJ's (thanks to my wonderful mother) and new house shoes! I think I am set!

12 days and counting!!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Profile shot

I have had a lot of people want to see what I look like pregnant with twins. So here ya go! No jokes please!