Monday, June 22, 2009

We are 5 months old

YEA! We are 5 months old!

Allison Ann

Brooke Elizabeth

Brooke doing the motor boat!

And, of course big sister had to be in a pic. too!

I can NOT believe the girls are already 5 months old! Sometimes it feels like just yesterday they were born, and other days I feel like I have been doing this for EVER!! THey have definitely devloped personalities(the first picture captures their personalities very well). Allison is VERY laid back and quiet. Even when she cries it is quiet. Brooke is LOUD all the time and loves attention (by that I mean she likes to be held)! They are both eating LOTS of cereal and soon we will start baby food. Brooke is "scooting" all over the place. She puts her face on the ground and gets her legs up under her. Then she is off! It won't be long until she is crawling! Allison isn't scooting just yet, but she is not far behind. They both love to make the motor boat sound, especially while I feed them cereal! It is so fun to watch them grow every day.

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aunt sue said...

Oh Jill, they are so adorable. I have missed your updates but know how busy you are!!!! I am so glad that you have the ABCs in your life. I am planning on going to Hen Town in July maybe you can get up there too. Keep the pictures coming. Love, Aunt Sue